Monthly Archives: March 2007

Rural Payments Agency

BBC reports on the fiasco at the Rural Payments agency The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee called the handling of the new Single Payments Scheme an “embarrassing failure”. In a report, it complained Mrs Beckett and senior officials had not been held “personally accountable” for delays. The committee said problems could cost the government up to £500m. Last month, it was revealed that UK taxpayers could face a £300m European Commission fine for the […]


This week I was asked to talk to the Government SIG of Intellect, the IT and technology industry association. I presented the final session following presentations from Vanessa Lawrence of OS and Chris Holcroft, Chair of AGI. I thought, great chance to talk to a group of IT industry business people about the opportunity to use Location Intelligence to enhance their business with government. Sadly the event was not very well attended and there were […]

Being Arsene Wenger

Every football fan indulges in the past-time of double guessing the manager. “if only he had picked so and so ….” “He should have played this formation ….” “He should have changed this ….” we have all done it and even if you are not a football fan you will have double guessed someone else, perhaps Tony Blair? Imagine what it would be like if one morning Arsenal phoned you up and said “Steven, Arsene […]

Back blogging – GDC goes to big school

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted. I was away in Colorado skiing with the family and promised not to try to blog from there. Coming down ski slopes and trying to survive makes you very aware of the potential of the third dimension. I also thought that some sort of guidance system that could help you through a white out would be a useful gadget (GPS in your ski tips and audio […]