Monthly Archives: April 2007

GI and Sci Fi

Processors and storage have been doubling every couple of years. Much of what we take for granted today would have been unthinkable as little as 5 years ago in the GI world and in other areas of IT. I was speculating with a colleague recently as to what the GI world would look like in 5 or 10 years time if technology keeps doubling performance every 2 years. Will mobile devices really incorporate the pervasive […]

Google Analytics – the power of location

Google keeps on getting better and better. This blog is hosted on a Google service “Blogger” which makes it so easy to start and maintain a blog that no one need be challenged by the technology. Google also offers a service called “Analytics” which enables the user to simply analyse web stats for any site with ease, so I use it for this blog. Each time I log into Analytics I find myself being fascinated […]

RPA – a little more

Found this on the DEFRA website which sheds a bit of light on the problems they were having a year ago (search for mapping) and this extract from a debate in the House of Lords (they know a bit about farming and subsidies) on They Work for You There is a great comment on the Guardian Comment is Free blog. I loved this bit “The most bizarre sagas involved the new mapping system introduced for […]

Building a GeoCommunity

You may have heard or read me plugging this year’s AGI Conference – Building a GeoCommunity, that’s because for my sins I am the conference chair (I opened my big mouth when others had the sense to keep shtum) Chris Holcroft the CEO of the AGI has launched a new blog for the conference – go have a look. This is the must attend event of the year for professionals, academics, policy makers and industry […]

Ed Parsons goes new age

Ed Parsons formerly CTO of OS has joined Google as Geospatial Technologist. Everyone who knows Ed will be delighted for him, if ever someone has found their natural home in the geo-industry then this is it. Those of us who know Ed will have seen him as being increasingly out of place in the formal environment of the national mapping agency. Many of his views on data licensing and business models have been at loggerheads […]