Daily Archives: July 6, 2007

Place and policing

Last week I was invited to speak at the Metropolitan police’s GIS Awareness day. It was a fantastic day with nearly 300 people attending including the deputy Assistant Commissioner responsible for the Olympics through senior officers to operational staff and analysts. The purpose of the event was to raise the profile of the use of location or as analysts describe it “place” in the police service. the comments of senior police officers and IT managers […]

Thierry Henry, Brand Loyalty and Location Intelligence

People who know me will understand that I can turn any conversation around to football – well to Arsenal actually. Consequently I have taken a lot of stick from friends and colleagues who all seem to be Chelsea or Tottenham fans over Thierry Henry switching his loyalty to Barcelona despite pledging his eternal love for Arsenal and the fans as little as a year ago. Truth is I was gutted at this desertion and wished […]