Daily Archives: December 14, 2007

Post-neogeography in Wales

In December I was invited to the AGI Cymru Annual Conference to present a short summary of September’s discussions on paleo and neo-geography at AGI 2007. The following streams were focussed on Health and Environment and provided some great examples of the kind of applications that are “more than just pushpins” and which at the same time have the potential to blur the boundaries (if there are any) between neo and paleo. A common them […]

Interface is everything

Well almost. We have recently been migrating from good old stodgy Nokia workhorse phones to Blackberries, so that we can have the delight of 24 hr e-mail etc. So it was good bye to my trusty Nokia (I think it was the 5th one on the trot) and get used to a brave new world. The thing that I loved about my series of Nokia phones was that there was no learning curve with a […]