Daily Archives: June 27, 2008

Mutual respect

Found this on the Google Earth Blog by Frank Taylor reporting on the Where 2.0 Conference last month: Ordinance Survey – the last talk from Ian Holt was – intriguingly amusing. The last organization I expected here was Ordinance Survey from the UK. They have been universally panned by most of the Where 2.0 generation of geospatial technologists. The primary reason being that OS refuses to let anyone use their mapping data without their collecting […]

Who is No 2 GI Company?

Discussions have been running a poll to determine who is the number 2 provider of GIS (ESRI being the number 1) Of course the poll is only a bit of fun and the sample is hardly representative but interestingly as the poll has run the trends have changed. At the beginning of the week Bentley were in number 2 slot by mid week MapInfo had risen to within a couple of votes of taking second […]

What’s the ROI for Spam

Have you ever wondered why there are people who are willing to go to such great lengths to try to sell you imitation Rolex watches, Viagra, Cialis or pirated software? What is it about you that makes scantily clad young women from eastern Europe approach you because they are so lonely and they just picked you? And how come so many people working for the banks in Nigeria seem to need your help to free […]