Monthly Archives: July 2008

How complete is Open Street Map?

OSM is a great project and as it gains in coverage it becomes an increasingly attractive proposition. One of my former clients in Local Government was excitedly talking about the potential to use OSM for some of their partnership projects, which prompted me to look at OSM in a little more detail. Take a look at these two similar scale images of Highgate, North London from OSM and Google. OSM Google The OSM version has […]

Pinpointing Crme

Heather Brooke in the Guardian last week suggests that the reason crime statistics are not published at a very detailed level by the Met is because they are concerned about being held to account for crime: Knowing what crimes happen and where is important for several reasons. First, people want to know how safe (or unsafe) they are. They need accurate and detailed data if they are to form an opinion of the safety of […]

Cartograhy matters

The AGI and the British Cartographic Society have been running a series of events entitled Better Mapping. I guess that many of us working in the GI space do not give much thought to cartography. In other words – what the maps look like does not matter. I have often described what I did to people who did not understand GIS or software as being the mapping equivalent of making the CD player part of […]

The dangers of relying on your iPhone

Normally when I am going to a new address I will print out a map before leaving. I had to get to a seminar yesterday and had the address details stored in my online calendar which I thought I could access through my iPhone and then Google up a map when I came out of the tube station rather than printing. Unfortunately the wonder device was throwing a near windows like wobbly and could not […]

Have you got money to waste?

The Early Bird not only catches a worm but it also gets a good discount on attendance at AGI GeoCommunity08. The offer runs out at the end of July or when all the rooms in the main hotel are booked (don’t worry we have reserved rooms in several other hotels within a couple of minutes walk from the conference venue). To quote Chris Holcroft, director of the AGI: It has attracted leading figures, as speakers, […]

Gone fishing, left the building, moving on

Well that’s it. After just under 500 days my time with MapInfo has come to an amicable conclusion. The GDC team and product strategy are now fully integrated into MapInfo’s business so now I can get on with the many other things that I have wanted to do for a while. Could be more neo than paleo but only time will tell. For the time being I want to enjoy the summer, my new iPhone […]

TA joins the crowd?

In a press release Tele Atlas announced a long term license deal with Google. Interestingly: The agreement also gives Tele Atlas access to edits for its maps from Google’s community of users, whose suggested changes can help the company further increase the quality and richness of Tele Atlas maps. I wonder how long it will be before Google starts to host a wiki like OSM and create its own data or just links up with […]