Daily Archives: September 4, 2008

InstaMapper – tracking just got simple 1

I just installed InstaMapper¬†on my phone. It uses the GPS to send my location to their server and then displays the track on Google. Not sure why anyone would want to know where I have been but it is a fun application. Would be absolutely brilliant if my kids had GPS enabled network connected phones (which of course they would love). Have put my track at the bottom of the blog, will leave it thwere […]


Google launched Chrome, their new browser, yesterday.¬† It is a 0.2 beta and very impressive. Ultra clean and simple interface and stunning speeds compared to Firefox (which in turn always seems faster than IE). Currently there are no 3rd party plugins which is a shame as I have grown to love all those little tweaks in Firefox. Try running Google’s apps in chrome and you will notice the improvments to the javascript Loads of neat […]