Daily Archives: December 11, 2008

Recession and geo businesses

A few days ago Sean Gorman asked the question “Does the Geoweb need a bail out?” which seems very prescient when yesterday Piney Bowes MapInfo announced 128 layoffs. I doubt they will be the only company to be reducing costs over the next few weeks/months. Which companies will fare best or worst through this difficult period? I expect that those businesses that have a high proportion of their revenues from the public sector will out […]

StreetWire – what’s happenning here then?

StreetWire is a new service from the team who created PlanningAlerts which provides hyperlocal information including planning alerts, crime and public safety, traffic, local news and postings to FixMyStreet like this one that I particularly liked:  About 1 km away from FixMyStreet – Fixed, yesterday Large exentendable dining table has been dumped here. It looks in reasonable condition (so could be useful for someone), but in any case needs to be removed. You can also post details about […]

What happened here then?

INSPIRE mandates the cataloging and sharing of a wide range of environmental data sets. Hopefully in time we will have access to a geographically complete and broadly themed data resource across the EU. But to understand the impact of human activity on our environment or for that matter on other societal factors we need to have access to information on change and this implies a resource that includes historical data.  Jump back to what many […]