Daily Archives: February 6, 2009

US NSDI as economic stimulus

In the last month three groups have submitted proposals to the US Government for funding to create a US National Map or NSDI within the $700Bn economic resuscitation bill. Directions posed 3 questions to each of the authors: Before it was posted to the Web, to whom was the proposal sent for review, if anyone? Was the proposal sent to, or formally presented to, any members of the U.S. Congress or their staff? If so, […]

Building and Engaging Local Communities

I’ve been spending time with a startup called BeLocal who are working in the HyperLocal space. You will get to see the launch of BeLocal in the next few weeks. Yesterday we ran a small workshop entitled “Building and Engaging Local Communities through Digital Technology”. This very comprehensive post by Carl Haggerty from Devon County Council is a brilliant summary of the event and some of the thoughts that it prompted. If you want to […]


There has been a lot written in the last few days about the launch of Google’s tracking service – Latitude. Jonathan Raper’s post covers the topic and opinions well. My only addition would be the thought that it seems like sour grapes that now Google have launched their own mobile phone they have relegated the iPhone to the back of the queue, not that I really care since I don’t think I want to broadcast […]