Daily Archives: March 13, 2009

Submit a paper to GeoCommunity and I will donate £1 to Red Nose Day

If you are thinking of submitting a paper to GeoCommunity, do it before the end of next Friday, 20th March and i will donate a pound on your behalf to Red Nose Day. submission forms can be found here. Just tweet me or GeoCommunity to confirm that you have submitted and want me to donate on your behalf. Go on everyone you could cost me £100, create a major challenge for the selection committee chosing the […]

Red Nose Maps

I wondered whether anyone would have created a Red Nose marker for Google Maps or something similar to mark todays lunacies. If you google “red nose map” this OS site comes right at the top of the list. Apparently there really is “a Blowup Nose, Rock Nose, Long Nose, Friars’ Nose,  even a Pig’s Nose” But best of all has to be this picture of the Director General of the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain Looks good on you Vanessa And […]