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Free or Privatise Our Data

Michael Cross writes a very sensible piece on the Tories new “free” data plans. It sounds like a variation of an old Who song “Meet the new government same as the old government” except that one would have to be wary of the Tories penchant to privatise anything that they can. To judge by Cameron’s speech, which makes no mention of the government’s single largest data business, the Conservatives share this aversion to reform. The […]

I am not an internationally renowned expert

Contrary to some of the comments on Free Our Data I am not the “internationally recognised expert in Geographical Information and National Mapping who agreed with the analysis and conclusions” of the OS study into international geographic information trading models. I do consult at the moment for OS on their GeoVation program but had nothing at all to do with this report. I have no idea who the expert was, apparently they do not wish […]

Who wants to be a GeoVator

The search is on for GeoVators (well almost on, you will have to wait a few more days to find out what we are up to). If you think you might be a GeoVator or you just want to know what a GeoVator is mail me through the blog and I will send you an invite.

Come and Georant on the Soapbox

Got a pet geolove or geohate? Product to push or new business launch? Got an idea you want to share and test? Fancy babbling geo to a crowd in a bar? If you want to stand on the GeoCommunity soapbox and have the mike for 5 minutes and 15 slides on autocue then mail with your name, organisation and a title of not more than 140 characters. We will be inviting the delegates to […]

Is Location getting boring?

On Tuesday I moderated a panel on location at Being Digital. It’s a slightly different event as there were only 10 minutes of powerpoint in the whole day! So there was a lot of discussion between panelists and delegates. My panelists were a seasoned bunch of location gurus – Ed Parsons, Gary Gale of Yahoo, Jeff Kelisky of Microsoft, Andrew Scott from Rummble and James Parton of O2. I did get a feeling of déjà […]

Biggest and best ever program at GeoCommunity ’09

Just in case you have missed all of the publicity around the launch of the program for GeoCommunity. I thought I would give you a preview of my introduction to the conference brochure which will be off the presses very soon. For the third time it is my pleasure to invite you to be part of the GeoCommunity at our annual conference in Stratford upon Avon. The pace of change within the geo world continues […]

Locating Being Digital

I am going to be moderating the Location panel at Being Digital tomorrow. It should be a great event and apparently it will be powerpoint free which will be something of a shock to some of the audience and even more so to some of the presenters! I love the mashupevents stuff, they have a delightful energy and spontaneity which many other events just seem to lack. It could be the combination of the two […]

Location based social networking

I have been doing quite a bit of travel recently. Nights away from home are always more enjoyable with some company. In the last 2 weeks I have twice tweeted “anyone going to be in xxx this evening?” Back have come replies and plans have been made for drinks, meals and fun conversations. No applications, no location features (just a place name) no new networks to join and sadly no revenue model or advertising share. […]

Who’s making money?

Recently the flurry of location focussed or influenced startups seems to have slowed down. I can’t think of many in the UK in 2009 and the story across the pond sounds similar (that should prompt a flurry of corrections) I wonder if that is because of a slow down in innovative ideas, caution on the part of investors or concern on the part of geoentrepreneurs about there ability to be sustainable? How many location centric […]