Daily Archives: January 5, 2010

In the wonderful world of free

In the wonderful world of free you pay (yes pay) London Underground to advertise a free browser. I suppose there must be some logic here, it just bypassed me. No doubt there is some added value to getting people to click on your ad inventory in your own browser. I wonder what is hidden under the covers of Chrome. Watch out for the adverts for Maps and mobile directions Posted via web from Steven’s posterous

Civilisation, roaming charges, GPS and holidays (not neccessarily in that order)

Back from a fantastic holiday in Egypt except …. Roaming rates in Egypt (or for that matter most places) are so extortionate that you can’t use mobile internet services. I cannot see how all of the much vaunted location based services like Rummble, Yelp etc are going to reach the travellers who most need them if the cost of using them is £6/MB! There surely can’t be a justification for the current level of data […]