Monthly Archives: March 2010

Differing views on the OS consultation 1

I have been following some of the responses to the CLG consultation on freeing OS data and future business models. Some of the reactions to other peoples’ responses are almost more interesting than the actual responses. Before commenting let me be open and say that I chose not to respond to the public consultation for a several reasons – I had already been part of the first phase pre consultation so I had said my […]

A few BHP’s on the Horizon

Fridays have been fun recently, last week wherecamp eu and this week the Horizon theme day in Nottingham. A few of last week’s wherecamp crowd were there in cluding Gary Gale, Ed Parsons and Muki Haklay Horizon is one of the hubs of the Digital Economy Research program “Horizon will focus on the role of ‘always on, always with you’ ubiquitous computing technology in the Digital Economy. Building on the Digital Britain plan, Horizon will […]

Info Porn 2

By far the most uplifting session that I attended at wherecamp eu was Hal Bertram from ito world talking about his work visualising Open Street Map and transportation data. People sometimes dismiss the geoweb as “only visualisation” well this is visualisation as art and there is no “only” about it. Info porn? You work it out. Not my phrase, Hal’s Just sit back and enjoy (next time I will take my gorillapod with me so […]

Recharging my geobatteries at #wherecampeu – an unconference

Yesterday I was fortunate to have a ticket for wherecamp eu. I say fortunate because this was a free unconference and tickets, which were released in blocks over a few weeks, were sold out within a couple of hours of release. Hardly surprising really if you knew what to expect but I didn’t. This was my first unconference and I was a bit puzzled as to how this loosely structured event would work. After 3 […]

A simple bit of GeoVating, any offers of help?

Louise Campbell at Goodfindr sent me a link to her Craft Nations Unite app that she initiated using Google My Maps. She seems to be getting quite a lot of craft businesses to add their info to this app. View Craft Nations Unite Map in a larger map The geocognoscenti may be a little dismissive at the simplicity, lack of search, linkouts to other web pages etc. But for me what is exciting about CNU […]

Why customer experience matters Pls RT #custexp

I just signed up for an account with ******* (name withheld, you will see why) so that I could try out their service which I had read about on my favourite social network (begins with t). To sign up I had to provide quite a lot of information but to be fair the service has a commercial model that probably needs this information. I then waited for my account to be approved, not too long […]

UMapper, geotagged tweets and the late Michael Foot

Last week UMapper announced a new feature to their service that makes it amazingly simple to build and customise a map that can show geotagged tweets based on any search you choose. Today I have been following the flurry of tweets about the late Michael Foot (if you are about my age he might be an old hero). In Less than 5 minutes thanks to UMapper and Cloudmade I was able to put this together. […]