Daily Archives: March 3, 2010

Why customer experience matters Pls RT #custexp

I just signed up for an account with ******* (name withheld, you will see why) so that I could try out their service which I had read about on my favourite social network (begins with t). To sign up I had to provide quite a lot of information but to be fair the service has a commercial model that probably needs this information. I then waited for my account to be approved, not too long […]

UMapper, geotagged tweets and the late Michael Foot

Last week UMapper announced a new feature to their service that makes it amazingly simple to build and customise a map that can show geotagged tweets based on any search you choose. Today I have been following the flurry of tweets about the late Michael Foot (if you are about my age he might be an old hero). In Less than 5 minutes thanks to UMapper and Cloudmade I was able to put this together. […]