Daily Archives: September 29, 2010

Just because you can put something on a map … 3

Gary Gale invited me to talk to one of the 3 W’s of geo at W3G. I chose the “what” You can probably guess where this went. After a preamble about relevance, spatial patterns, distortion and open data I launched into my personal trawl through the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. My final message was “Think before you map”, I got a few laughs and a couple of people who I had not met […]

Goodbye #W3G, hallo #GeoCom 3

So the W3G conference is over, finished, gone. What an amazing day, it started with Henk Hoff and I leaving north London way before 7 to head up to Stratford geobabbling OpenStreetMap, navigation, maps, and stuff all the way there. When we arrived AGI’s very own unconference was already warming up and the room was full of people and to my delight this was not the same old same old who frequent the geoconference circuit. […]