Daily Archives: April 15, 2011

Are geomags a dying breed?

I just received a copy of a GI magazine (title deliberately withheld). Yes there are such things. The content is good, particularly if you work in the heavy lifting end of GI or are interested in public sector and policy issues.   Out of 36 pages there were only about 5 pages of adverts including a page of classifieds. I don’t know much about the economics of publishing a small, limited circulation specialist magazine that […]

Publishing Local Government geodata on Google Maps 1

Last year Geo.me were in discussions with a potential partner in Local Government and the dreaded derived data question came up, something along the lines of “we’d love to work with you but …” There still seems to be quite a lot of confusion about what data Local Government (or for that matter any public sector user of Ordnance Survey base maps) can or cannot publish using the Google Maps API. I thought that I […]

The pace of change 3

  On Tuesday I sat in on a CLG/OS event about the launch of the PSMA (Public Sector Mapping Agreement for anyone from outside of GB). Today I was speaking at an AGI North event and someone said to me “wow hasn’t a lot changed in the last year and a bit”, I choked on my sandwich and managed not to take the bait. Let’s look back to 2009 and consider the change in UK […]