Daily Archives: April 4, 2012

Forget your Nike and Adidas, this year’s cool geobrand is Open 3

Open Source Geo and Open Geospatial Consortium Standards have been active for over a decade, OpenStreetMap since 2004 and OpenData is the new kid on the block. But something seems to have shifted, it seems that you can barely go for a day in the UK geoworld without stumbling on an event, an article, a vendor or consultant talking about Open something. Why has Open become the badge that everyone wants to flaunt? Not everyone […]

Radio silence is over

  Those of you have been avid followers of my blog will have noticed the paucity of posts for the last couple of months. I have been juggling wrapping up two big client projects (now completed) with some quite difficult family problems (as my cousin said “at our age we are the meat in the sandwich”). Normal geobabbling and ranting service will now resume with some staccato posts on topics that have been on the […]