KnowWhere was conceived shortly after I had left Pitney Bowes Mapinfo. I was trying to register for something and the company field was mandatory. I was asked “where are you now?” to which the answer was “nowhere” except that I knew a bit about location so why not KnowWhere!

KnowWhere is my consulting brand, basically I am what you get, as appropriate I can call on my network of friends and associates to add a rich set of skills to any project or engagement.

I built GDC into a successful software and consulting business in the GI space before selling to MapInfo in 2007 and going on to run their UK business for a couple of years. Now I help businesses to develop and test their strategies particularly around products and positioning, I advise on execution plans and mentor some CEO’s and startups.

If you want to Know Where your business could be going in the next couple of years or if you would like some help getting there thenĀ contact me