Web Maps

From time to time my inner geek is tempted to make a map, just because ..

All of the maps have been made with QGIS, a couple of QGIS plugins for publishing to the web and some Open Data.

These maps are a learning experience, they need improving but you only get better by practicing. The list below is a catalog for my own benefit.

  • US Steel is an attempt to see whether there is any pattern as to the voting in the US 2016 election at county level and the size of a local steel plant i.e. did counties with large steel plants vote for Trump (the answer seems to be not always).
  • London Poverty was a poor attempt to show where child poverty had increased between 2008 and 2013. I need to try remaking this map.
  • Local Government Shared Services shows Local Government partnerships across numerous functional areas (Social Services, Environmental etc).
  • The Invincibles is a map of the football grounds that Arsenal played at in their 2003-2004 Invincibles season. A bit pointless I know but a labour of love.
  • Old London was made on a wet afternoon by draping an 1820s map of part of NW London (David Rumsey) over a DEM (Copernicus) using QGIS, QGIS2htreejs and some great instructions from Topi Tjukanov. You can click on the map, rotate it, zoom and tilt. I want to try my hand at making something a bit more useful using these tools