Daily Archives: December 9, 2008

Smartphone sales flatten but iPhone soars

Gartner reports that smartphone sales are flattening out with growth of only 11.5% in Q3 ’08.  Market leader Nokia have actually seen a decline of 3% while Apple has soared with 327% growth into 3rd place still a bit behind 2nd placed Blackberry maker RIM.  If “maps on a mobile” is  a killer app then Apple’s interface to Google Maps complete with Street View and Traffic must be a factor.

AGI GeoCommunity ’09 starts here

’08 is only just over and we are already starting the planning for next year’s event. We have a new conference team with a comforting balance between experienced hands (including me) signed up for “just one more” and several new members who will bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the third GeoCommunity event.  We have taken note of the feedback survey that delegates completed after the event plus the ideas of the team about what […]