Daily Archives: August 27, 2010

Burying location

We have just got back from a great few days at the Edinburgh Fringe. 2 years ago we were up there a couple of weeks after I had got my shiny new iPhone and it was not a lot of use apart from the ability to find directions on the maps app, which is actually much much easier to do on a simplified paper map showing all of the fringe venues that you can tear […]

Help : Looking for innovative & creative examples of Open Source GI & Open Data

I need some help. I am preparing a talk on “Open Source and Open Data in a time of Austerity” for next week (oh yes I know how late I have left this). My premise is that the twin pressures of Cost and Transparency/Openness will come together to stimulate a flurry of creativity, innovation & new business opportunities. Now I could do with some stunning examples of innovation and creativity that utilise Open Source GI […]