Daily Archives: January 12, 2011

We shall have a PDC 3

Today Francis Maude announced that the government will be forming the much trailored Public Data Corporation or PDC. At this point there is not much publicly available info apart from this statement of intent. “By bringing valuable Government data together, governed by a consistent set of principles around data collection, maintenance, production and charging, the Government can share best practice, drive efficiencies and create innovative public services for citizens and businesses. The Public Data Corporation […]

In praise of OS 2

It seems a while since OS got a “big up” from me, not because I am in an anti OS phase just because there hasn’t been much to say about our NMA recently except some slightly sceptical comment. My friend Bob Barr is a tireless campaigner to resolve the remaining bits of the Address Wars and he now has the Royal Mail Address Management Unit in his sights, good thing he is not a member […]