Daily Archives: July 17, 2015

No more getting lost? That’s a shame 2

We recently did a road trip around California navigating around using the TeleNav Scout app and OpenStreetMap offline. Overall the app did very well, we didn’t get particularly lost, the directions were largely clear and understandable (more on that in a minute), we saved a fortune in data roaming charges (thank you OSM contributors) and we certainly didn’t follow any obscure tracks to the middle of nowhere like the picture below. All of which prompted a few disconnected […]

Eclectic, geo, fun, beer, talking late into the night – it must be #geomob 1

If #geomob didn’t exist someone would have to start it, actually Chris Osborne did back in 2008 and then Ed Freyfogle took over from him a few years ago. I don’t think I or any of the hundreds of attendees (probably close on a thousand by now) have thanked Chris and Ed enough for what they have given to the map mad, geogeek community in London. Here goes … If you haven’t been to a […]

When work gets in the way of fun

Gosh, it has been a long time since I wrote anything here! I have been pretty obsessively focussed on a client project for the last 6 months, some of you who know me will know what I have been working on, the rest will just have to wait until it becomes public (but maybe it won’t). Enough of the teasers. Anyway, the last of the pressing deadlines has been met, there is a lull and […]