Daily Archives: April 8, 2007

RPA – a little more

Found this on the DEFRA website which sheds a bit of light on the problems they were having a year ago (search for mapping) and this extract from a debate in the House of Lords (they know a bit about farming and subsidies) on They Work for You There is a great comment on the Guardian Comment is Free blog. I loved this bit “The most bizarre sagas involved the new mapping system introduced for […]

Building a GeoCommunity

You may have heard or read me plugging this year’s AGI Conference – Building a GeoCommunity, that’s because for my sins I am the conference chair (I opened my big mouth when others had the sense to keep shtum) Chris Holcroft the CEO of the AGI has launched a new blog for the conference – go have a look. This is the must attend event of the year for professionals, academics, policy makers and industry […]