Daily Archives: September 26, 2008

The GeoCommunity fanclub

It seemed that a lot of the early comment on the GeoCommunity conference focussed on the delegates choice to vote Mark Bishop’s slightly toungue in cheek presentation “The hype of Web 2.0” as their favourite. Some commentators lamented the lack of awareness amongst the delegates, I think they just enjoyed the presentation and probably appreciated getting an overview of the evolution of Web 2.0 after all not every delegate is ultra cool and up to […]

GeoCommunity 08 – the Chairman’s Cut

Well AGI GeoCommunity is over for another year leaving me both relieved and disappointed. A lot of people work and worry very hard to get the conference together and to make things run smoothly throughout the event (e.g. the moment when one of our hotels phones up on Monday to say they had double booked a number of rooms!) So when it is over there is an almighty phewwwww but also a sense of realisation […]