Daily Archives: May 9, 2011

Whose data is it anyway?

Does anyone know how the Public Data Corporation is progressing? It seems that there is some form of conversation ongoing following the initial web based forum for comment and suggestions but I am not sure who is talking to who. The latest announcement from Francis Maude is pretty opaque and could be read as “everything is still under discussion” or as “we have pretty much made up our minds” The minister also said that although […]

There’s dark stuff behind that web page

There has been quite a lot of fuss over the last week about the discovery that Apple apparently¬† store a wadge of location data on your iPhone (actually it isn’t your locations but the wifi spots you have been close to and Apple never meant to store it all anyway, or so they say). I think the discovery turned out to be a bit of a non issue but it did highlight how people are […]