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This is not a dead blog

Contrary to what you might think looking at the frequency of posts for the last 6-8 months this is not a dead blog. I have been mega busy but ¬†that is a feeble excuse. At last week’s GeoMob Ed Freyfogle told me I needed to blow out the cobwebs and get back to blogging. So here goes, I started by having a spring clean on the site and installed a snazzy new theme Customizr¬†– needs […]

Radio silence is over

  Those of you have been avid followers of my blog will have noticed the paucity of posts for the last couple of months. I have been juggling wrapping up two big client projects (now completed) with some quite difficult family problems (as my cousin said “at our age we are the meat in the sandwich”). Normal geobabbling and ranting service will now resume with some staccato posts on topics that have been on the […]

Maps ‘n Photos – if a job’s worth doing …

I am thinking about “Just because you can put it on a map ….” the talk I still haven’t started for W3GConf and whilst pondering the question of what you should and should not try to stick on a map I am also feeling pretty caustic about naff and ugly. Or put more politely if it is worth mapping it is worth mapping in a useful, elegant and engaging way. In the last few months […]

Selling your soul for a freebie

I keep bumping into the privacy topic and for a while I have thought that there is something materially different about the intersection of your location, your trail of personal breadcrumbs on the internet and what smart people could/might do with that info. Location is a subtle privacy setting that people will find even more difficult to set than the 150 options on Facebook. At an event last year someone said words to the effect […]

OS Consultation – winners, losers, irony and a bit of schadenfreude

The dust hasn’t settled yet from the government’s response to the OS Consultation but already I can hear the mumblings and grumblings. Inevitably 441 respondents (including 218 individuals) are not going agree on much if anything, the response document says “different stakeholders have different, and sometimes conflicting, objectives” So that might suggest that there are winners and losers. What follows is a quick trawl through the response highlighting some of the bits that may be […]