Monthly Archives: February 2008

AGI GeoCommunity 08 – Shaping a Changing World Pt 2

We are off to a flying start. AGI’s Chris Holcroft told the conference team this week that “we are 3-4 weeks ahead of last year but we should not relax” – some chance! The call for papers has already been launched with themes that include: Climate Change Globalisation Geovisualisation Beyond Pushpins Virtual reality/gaming Location based social networking Policy and Strategy; UK Location strategy, INSPIRE, Marine Bill Geo ethics Language of geography/vocabulary of GI Olympics 2012 […]

Muslim Map

The Guardian reports on an Association of Chief Police Officers plan which “will see every area of the country mapped for its potential to produce extremists and supporters for al-Qaida.” Apparently “The new strategy will be rooted in “neighbourhood profiling”. “This will allow us to connect with all groups and to understand what is normal and what is unusual,” it says. “We need to continually improve our knowledge about communities and how they function both […]

Privacy in an open world

The RSA has been hosting debate in London for over 250 years last week they hosted a lecture/discussion on the subject “Privacy in an Open World” (you can listen to the debate here if you want) Who wants to know? Why should they know it? Who cares? In a Web 2.0 world where mobile operators, government, ISPs, e-commerce sites are all accumulating information about us, our preferences, our purchases, our telephone conversations, our mail, where […]

Crozillian Footballer hacked down by Gentle Giant

I am not going to try to fit any geography into this except perhaps the wonder of a talented Brazilian born Croatian playing football in Highbury, London I am amazed that the press are rushing to the defence of Taylor after his reckless tackle on Eduardo on Saturday. Every time I see a picture of the tackle I am sickened. I know he didn’t intend to break the guy’s leg but he did want to […]

Neogeo and heavy lifting

CASA hosted a great event last week entitled Digital Geography in a Web 2.0 World. The range of presentations was illustrated how Google could be used to present and distribute the work of researchers at CASA and the other universities represented at this event. Have a look at MapTube or the London Profiler to see beautiful examples of mashing up layers of information from several sources on the fly. Both of these sites use a […]

The end of the GYM

Yahoo are well and truly in play now. Some may not have relished the idea of Microsoft swallowing Yahoo but Murdoch’s intervention may look like the barbarians at the Gates.