Crozillian Footballer hacked down by Gentle Giant

I am not going to try to fit any geography into this except perhaps the wonder of a talented Brazilian born Croatian playing football in Highbury, London

I am amazed that the press are rushing to the defence of Taylor after his reckless tackle on Eduardo on Saturday. Every time I see a picture of the tackle I am sickened. I know he didn’t intend to break the guy’s leg but he did want to rough him up and assert his authority over a nifty little striker and we saw the consequences.

AW may have gone over the top when he said that Taylor should never play football again but only a little bit over the top. A season’s ban would be about right by my reckoning.

I guess we’ll just have to win the Premiership for Eduardo then.

Found this open letter to BBC Sport today which just sums the situation up perfectly.