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A few weeks ago I recorded a Geomob Podcast with Ana Lucía González Paz about her beautiful flipbook, A Map Inside. You can read the book in a few minutes and then you can listen to the podcast

Ana Lucia González Paz: A Map Inside Geomob

Steven interviews Ana Lucia González Paz, a senior journalist in visual journalism with the BBC World Service. They discuss the role of visual journalism in a radio program, the importance of maps in storytelling, and the personal connection between maps and memories. Ana Lucia shares her inspiration for creating A Map Inside, a flip book that explores the geography of mountains and how they shape our identities. They also touch on the topic of disputed borders and the challenges of creating maps that are acceptable in different regions. Ana Lucia reveals her future project of researching her ancestor's involvement in cartography. Show notes on the Geomob website, where you can also learn more about Geomob events and sign up for our monthly newsletter.

Towards the end of each podcast, I give my guest the opportunity to go off piste and talk about a subject that they choose (in the past we have talked about digital privacy, mental health and open source sustainability to mention just a few). Ana said that she would like to ask me to describe my Map Inside and you can hear how I replied at the end of the podcast.

After we recorded the podcast, I was chatting with Ana and we thought that it would be fun to get other people to share their Map Inside. Everyone has a Map Inside connected to memories, people, special moments, would you like to share yours? Just record a short audio clip in mp3 format running for 60 to 120 seconds and mail it to me (if you don’t know my email use the Contact Form to reach me or find me at Mastodon). Assuming we get a few responses, Ana and I will put together an episode of the podcast with a selection of your Maps Inside.

Hope to hear from you with your Map Inside

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