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Toposcopes aren’t spam, they are pretty damn neat

I get a lot more comments on this site than you get to see. Comments and messages via the contact form include offers of SEO services, things that will enlarge portions of my body, suggestions that I could earn a fortune by posting their irrelevant content etc. The nice folk at Automattic make a great WordPress plugin that filters out the spam that seems to perpetually arrive, when I get round to checking what they have blocked I […]

The crowd, the cloud and the iPhone

Last night I was invited to talk to the Society for Location Analysis, a group of people who work in commercial property and for large retail chains using location intelligence to optimise their networks. It was a fun evening chatting with some people who make big decisions on the back of the tools that they use. The gist of my talk was that the ubiquity of connectivity and location via smartphones combined with the content […]