The crowd, the cloud and the iPhone

Last night I was invited to talk to the Society for Location Analysis, a group of people who work in commercial property and for large retail chains using location intelligence to optimise their networks. It was a fun evening chatting with some people who make big decisions on the back of the tools that they use.

The gist of my talk was that the ubiquity of connectivity and location via smartphones combined with the content gathered from the mobile social games like foursquare and rummble offers a rich source of behavioural insights with location and temporal context.

It felt at times as if I was talking a foreign language to the folk from the supermarkets and banks but the discussion afterwards was along the lines of “how long do you think this will take?” (answer 3-5 years) and “who will write the algorithms to mine this data?” (the heavyweight data miners rather than the demographics companies).

The slides are here

The cloud, the crowd & the iPhone

The slides are purely visual cues for the talk, I used a mindmap to prepare for the talk and you can play with it, add to it or comment here

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