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Esri isn’t evil

Yup you read it here, an open source advocate said that the leading GI proprietary vendor is not evil. Let me go one step further and say that I think Esri are pretty damn good. Now that is not to say that there are not aspects of their business model and practices that I wouldn’t criticise but more of that in another post. So what has prompted this outburst from an open source advocate? A […]

Ooooh – a round thing with spokes!

I picked up on the twitter conversation between my friend James Rutter and folk at CycleStreets about an application to Ordnance Survey’s GeoVation program for “a modern interface to UK wide planning application data“- note that OS is offering a share of £101,000 to the winners of this challenge, that’s quite a lot of taxpayer dosh. There was a tooing and froing about whether yet another initiative was needed to aggregate planning information. I have written before […]

Open Systems, will we ever agree on what we mean by “open”?

Just before Christmas, I stumbled on this post on Open Systems on the ESRI UK blog. My immediate response was to splutter at the irony of ESRI trying to cash in on the wave of interest in Open, who are they talk about Open? Fortunately the holiday season (and a few single malts) delayed me from an instant rant post and gave me the chance to think more about ESRI’s view on Open Systems.   […]

Forget your Nike and Adidas, this year’s cool geobrand is Open

Open Source Geo and Open Geospatial Consortium Standards have been active for over a decade, OpenStreetMap since 2004 and OpenData is the new kid on the block. But something seems to have shifted, it seems that you can barely go for a day in the UK geoworld without stumbling on an event, an article, a vendor or consultant talking about Open something. Why has Open become the badge that everyone wants to flaunt? Not everyone […]