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On the side of the angels?

This is going to be a brain dump, I don’t know if it will make any sense! I have been an evangelist for open source software for a decade or longer and I sincerely believe that the open source model offers a strong alternative to proprietary software, particularly for public sector and even more so in recent years as we have seen an accelerated move to the cloud. This is not going to be another […]

A location grid is not an address

     This is going to be a longish post if you don’t care about addresses this might be one to skip. This post was prompted by reading Mike Dobson’s review of What3Words, shortly afterwards Rollo Home pointed me to an article about Google’s Open Location Codes, the topic also popped up on the OSGeo mailing list when someone tried to promote their proprietary grid and direction system, which prompted some quite strong responses to say […]

There is no such thing as a free lunch

This might be a bit of a long and windy road type post, so bare with me as I try to work my way through this topic. If you are impatient, skip the intro and jump into the meat of it. Go back 4 years and I wrote a post called “Cocktails on the Titanic” based on a couple of talks I had given about future business models within the geo space. I said “Open Source software […]

Open Systems, will we ever agree on what we mean by “open”?

Just before Christmas, I stumbled on this post on Open Systems on the ESRI UK blog. My immediate response was to splutter at the irony of ESRI trying to cash in on the wave of interest in Open, who are they talk about Open? Fortunately the holiday season (and a few single malts) delayed me from an instant rant post and gave me the chance to think more about ESRI’s view on Open Systems.   […]