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GeoCommunity 2011 – 2 more days of Love, Peace and Maps, Pt2 – Map heroes, friends and getting angry

The second day of a conference always faces the challenge of the morning after syndrome, even more so after a monster bash of geonerds trying to relive their student drinking days and drain the bar dry. In my opinion it was a good thing that we were thrown out of the bar at 1.00 am, I shudder to think what mayhem might have ensued if we had been allowed to carry on! One of the […]

Maps with feeling not precision

I went to the Museum of London yesterday to have a look at the small display of hand drawn maps in the entrance area, if you are anywhere nearby this is well worth a short visit. Each of the maps gives a very personal view of a part of London, the author’s experiences and perhaps a comment on the way a much loved part of our city has changed. They reminded me that in contrast […]

What insight is there in geolocated tweets?

In his recent post on geotags in twitter Thierry Gregorius said “If you use Twitter then you will have noticed that the service encourages people to geocode their tweets, that is, to record their physical location at the moment of tweeting. What particular purpose this may serve is another point altogether, but let’s not get into that.” Well I do want to “get into that” With so called smartphones it is easy to add an x,y to almost everything, photos, tweets, checkins, blogposts. For many […]

#SuperInjunctions, Twitter, Hasidic tales, football and geo

There is an old Hasidic tale (a Jewish folk tale) about a man in a small village who gossiped about his neighbours. When confronted by members of his community he claimed in his defence that what he was saying was true. Eventually one of the victims of the gossip appealed to the rabbi who spoke with the gossip explaining to the gossip how much hurt he was causing even if what he was saying was […]

CutsMap – another useless survey?

I was pretty scathing about CASA’s Survey Mapper in my “Just because you can put something on a map…” talk at W3G. When I met up with Andy Hudson-Smith after the talk in Stratford we had a very good conversation about Survey Mapper, he made a good case for putting the tools into peoples’ hands and seeing what they could do with them and I argued that self selecting polls on topics that may not […]

Buzzword Bingo at GeoCommunity #GeoCom

GeoCommunity is only 4 weeks away. Combined with the unconference W3GConf the day beforehand there will be three days of geogoodness in  Stratford upon Avon starting on the 28th September. Christopher Osborne recently asked the question “what percentage of the AGI talks will feature the word mashup?” So how about we start a Buzzword Bingo sheet for the conference which we can score on the twitter back channel somehow? We can use the hashtag #GeoBingo. […]