Buzzword Bingo at GeoCommunity #GeoCom

GeoCommunity is only 4 weeks away. Combined with the unconference W3GConf the day beforehand there will be three days of geogoodness in  Stratford upon Avon starting on the 28th September.

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Christopher Osborne recently asked the question “what percentage of the AGI talks will feature the word mashup?” So how about we start a Buzzword Bingo sheet for the conference which we can score on the twitter back channel somehow? We can use the hashtag #GeoBingo.

Here is my top 5: Google, OSM, OpenData, Value, Cloud, Crowd, iPhone. Woops that’s 7 but it’s a start. I have also had GIS and Starbucks (you have to go to loads of talks on mobile location based services to get this one) suggested. Add your suggestions to the comments on this post and I will circulate the final check list before the event kicks off.

No rules, no prizes and no sponsor just anarchic geofun.

Incidentally I will be reworking my presentations to either include or exclude all of the #GeoBingo words

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