This week I was asked to talk to the Government SIG of Intellect, the IT and technology industry association.

I presented the final session following presentations from Vanessa Lawrence of OS and Chris Holcroft, Chair of AGI.

I thought, great chance to talk to a group of IT industry business people about the opportunity to use Location Intelligence to enhance their business with government.

Sadly the event was not very well attended and there were a quite a few people from our industry there to watch what was going on (preaching to the converted was not my objective). How are we in the GI industry ever going to get the attention of the mainstream?

But as ever quality is what counted and I do think that as an industry we made some new friends who will be looking for opportunities to partner with us in the future. Thank you Intellect for inviting me.

Snippets from my co-presenters:

  • Anyone can map the UK, apparently there are 10 companies currently mapping London (I know one, how many can you think of?), but to quote Vanessa Lawrence “who wants to map Monmouthshire?” Open StreetMap maybe?
  • Apparently the OS now considers the Chinese national mapping agency as a potential competitor (I don’t think OS wants to map Beijing)
  • The UK GI software and services industry (excluding data provision) is worth £120m per year – that is a lot of opportunity.