Daily Archives: September 7, 2010

PSMA – an update 4

CLG have recently published a Transition Plan for the Public Sector Mapping Agreement for England and Wales. A very useful document for anyone outside of the parties to the agreement who wants a bit more detail about what is going on. Under licensing the doc says PSMA licensing aims to ensure that the public sector can use the data provided under the agreement, and data derived from it, as widely as possible to deliver its […]

GIScussions is No.35 in auspicious company

The people at Online Engineering Degree have published a list of their 50 Best Blogs for Geography Geeks and GIScussions gets in there at 35th. Not bad when you look at some of the others included. They said “Steven Feldman loves himself some geography, keeping an excellent blog that concentrates on how GIS technologies have forever changed the way people perceive the world around them.” Some wag suggested they should have clipped that to the […]

Research help wanted for #W3GConf – crowd sourcing a presentation 4

About 3 weeks to go to GeoCommunity and W3GConf. I am starting to think about my pressy at W3GConf which is entitled “Just because you can put something on a map …” Here are the bullet points that formed my abstract: A flood of open data combined with ever easier to use tools for mapping that data has the potential to unlock insights or create interactive pincushions. Opening up data does not guarantee useful or […]