PSMA – an update

CLG have recently published a Transition Plan for the Public Sector Mapping Agreement for England and Wales. A very useful document for anyone outside of the parties to the agreement who wants a bit more detail about what is going on.

Under licensing the doc says

PSMA licensing aims to ensure that the public sector can use the data provided under the agreement, and data derived from it, as widely as possible to deliver its core tasks. The licence aims to make it straightforward to use GI by providing simple, readily understandable terms.

That sounds encouraging.

On Derived Data it goes on to say

The PSMA will also include wider rights in relation to derived data, notably:
(a)    new rights in relation to “Free to Use Data”. This is a limited category of derived data for which Ordnance Survey will grant a perpetual, royalty-free licence to use and sub-license, subject to very limited conditions; and
(b)    a process for considering any requests from public sector users to allow royalty-free, perpetual use of derived datasets falling outside (a) above.

Not sure what that means particularly in terms of the “Google” issue but perhaps it will become clearer soon (I certainly hope so)

In the section on implementation there is a real nugget

Local government (through the Local Government Group) and Ordnance Survey are working closely to explore the options for working in partnership to produce a National Address Gazetteer (NAG) which could be made available under the PSMA as well as to the wider market. Further information on this initiative will be provided during autumn 2010.

Now I wonder what that means? Champagne or tears in Adam Street?

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