A simple bit of GeoVating, any offers of help?

Louise Campbell at Goodfindr sent me a link to her Craft Nations Unite app that she initiated using Google My Maps. She seems to be getting quite a lot of craft businesses to add their info to this app.

View Craft Nations Unite Map in a larger map

The geocognoscenti may be a little dismissive at the simplicity, lack of search, linkouts to other web pages etc. But for me what is exciting about CNU is that it has been put together by someone who is not a coder but has a passion for craft and encouraging small local businesses and producers to flourish. This was the vision that we had when we launched GeoVation last year.

Anyone out there want to offer Louise a bit of help in adding functionnality and scalability to the site so that she can focus on publicity and reaching the small businesses that CNU could serve? You can find her contact details on the site.