AGI 2007 Sold Out

Would it work? Could we get 200 or even 300 delegates to a residential conference in beautiful Stratford on Avon? Would people miss the basement of Chelsea football Club? (You can guess my response to that one)

With 420 delegates registered for the first day of the conference and over 400 for the second (there are a handful of passes left for Day 2) the answer is clearly that we have a willing and enthusiastic audience. Now there are only 2 questions to be answered:

  1. Can we deliver a conference that lives up to or even exceeds the expectations of delegates and sponsors?
  2. Can we find a bigger venue for next year?

The answers are Yes and Yes thanks to a great conference committee and the super efficient AGI team.

If you missed out on registering we will be trying to podcast the keynote speakers and maybe the debates. Who knows whether the technology will all work, best to book early for next year.