Are you up for Maptember?

It’s the beginning of Maptember, who could have imagined this cacophony of mapping events in the UK over 30 days? Ken Field suggests in his blog that there may be too many events competing for the same audience, perhaps he is correct – even the most committed conference participants can’t attend all of these events. We will have to wait for Maptober to know which events flourished and if any struggled to fill their seats.

I am inevitably focussing my time and energy in early Maptember on the preparations for FOSS4G which looks as if it will be a record breaking event and possibly the #BestFOSS4Gever. I will pop into GeoCommunity as it is on the Nottingham campus while we are running the FOSS4G workshops but I can’t make State of the Map, I hope they both are full of map geeks and geofun.

We (the FOSS4G team) have made a very limited edition of Maptember t-shirts. They will be on sale at GeoCommunity and FOSS4G, the profits will go to MapAction (minimum price £10 but feel free to donate more). I have got a hunch that they will sell out pretty fast.