BNP membership map stumps Google Adwords

Charles Arthur in Guardian Technology pointed out this heat map built from the leaked BNP membership list and how the author had taken down the original mash up that had shown the postcode locations due to privacy concerns.

Have a look at the adverts that Google offers alongside this map –
BNP Peptide

<!– document.write(" “);sl[sl.length]=’View ads about Nick Griffin’;//–> Nick Griffin

<!– document.write(" “);sl[sl.length]=’View ads about BNP Canine’;//–> BNP Canine

<!– document.write(" “);sl[sl.length]=’View ads about BNP Human’;//–> BNP Human

<!– document.write(" “);sl[sl.length]=’View ads about N BNP’;//–> N BNP

I particularly liked the link to from BNP Human

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The Canine links are quite amusing as well.