Building a GeoCommunity – starts tomorrow

We are just about there. I am packed and setting off for Stratford upon Avon tomorrow morning. no doubt there will be a few last minute details to attend to tomorrow afternoon. Then it will be time to start welcoming the early arrivals as they register tomorrow evening followed by the early networking and greeting of old friends. Must make sure I get a reasonably early night as I have to open the conference on Wednesday morning.

There is so much that I am looking forward to at this conference -on the first day I hope I can get to listen to Andy Coote on “Show me the Money: Making the CEO listen” and the debate at the end of the day “GI is a Bad Career Choice, Discuss” with Simon Doyle, Gesche Schmid, Stephen booth and Seppe Cassettari should prove to be fun.

I will try to post the odd thought from the conference if time allows. There will also be an open page on Chris Holcroft’s conference blog where delegates can post their opinions about papers, presenters and topics of discussion.