Directions and Street View

Ever wondered what use Street View might be put to?

I stumbled upon the intergation of Street View with driving directions in Google Maps today (no doubt someone will tell me this has been about for ages or at least since the launch of Street View). Alongside each stage of the route directions a camera icon is displayed, clicking on it brings up a split screen with a Street View image and a direction graphic plus the normal map. 
How long before I can get that on the SatNav in my car and perhaps it says to me “Turn left in 50 yards just before the Woolworth store”? Well forget the bit about Woolworth which shows the vintage of the imagery but you get the point.
Try printing the directions and selecting the Street View option, it’s really neat.
Just under 3 days to the budget. Don’t expect too much from the budget text, the key will be how the revisions are put into practice. I am optimistic, but then I always am.