Free geobeers to lubricate georants at GeoCommunity

The generosity of AGI seems to be unlimited (well almost).

We have now got a load of chilled beers for the first people to turn up for the georants at the Soapbox, so make sure you get there early. The soapbox has a full program of speakers who will range from funny to thoughtful to outrageous (well that may be a matter of opinion in all three cases) add to that some geobeers and the opportunity to throw some digital tomatoes (twitter enabled mobile device needed) and it should be a great way to end the first day.

Don’t think that the conference is only about georants – there will be over 70 presentations from distinguished figures in our community that will cover the issues of the day, the trends and possibilities that GI opens up and some of the best applications and case studies.

We will be live blogging and hopefully will have some videos being posted during the conference so even if you can’t make it you should be able to follow what is going on. If you tweet search for the conference tag #GeoCom.

If you are coming to the conference I look forward to geochatting with you over a geobeer or even my personal favourite (please note) a geolagavulin.

See you in Stratford

Hopefully I will have written my welcome presentation and even put together my georant!