Gaza Maps Update

The mashers have been busy over the last week. Here are a selection of links to maps of the Gaza conflict.

Al Jazeera offers an excellent mashup based on VE which links to Al Jazeera reports
Aid Worker Daily compares the detail avalable in GM, VE and OSM and declares GM the winner. Interestingly the maps that Google are using are provided by an Israeli company GISrael who claim
GISrael is the largest civilian cartographic department in Israel.  The GISrael database fully covers all settlements in Israel, even such that are not officially recognized, as well as all urban and interurban roads and highways in Israel.
The BBC has a pretty weak effort here
UNOSAT publishes some static damage maps like this which may be good to take into the field but aren’t particularly informative or usable online.
The Guardian has an elegant Flash animation that combines a timeline and a map with links to video and photographs.
Not sure why but the mashup of Hamas rocket attacks on Israel that I wrote about a week ago seems to be broken at the moment.