Have you got money to waste?

The Early Bird not only catches a worm but it also gets a good discount on attendance at AGI GeoCommunity08. The offer runs out at the end of July or when all the rooms in the main hotel are booked (don’t worry we have reserved rooms in several other hotels within a couple of minutes walk from the conference venue).

To quote Chris Holcroft, director of the AGI:

It has attracted leading figures, as speakers, from Ordnance Survey, ESRI (UK), Multimap, Microsoft, The Environment Agency, Defence Geographic Centre and many others including: Vanessa Lawrence, Charles Kennelly, Sean Phelan, Charlie Pattinson and Stuart Haynes. They will join a large group of well known presenters and commentators in the conference programme. There will also be a debate chaired by Jeff Thurston, an INSPIRE stream and panel discussion as well as workshops and ‘hands-on’ training.

Now you wouldn’t want to miss all that would you? So if you don’t have money to burn book now!