Locating Being Digital

I am going to be moderating the Location panel at Being Digital tomorrow.

It should be a great event and apparently it will be powerpoint free which will be something of a shock to some of the audience and even more so to some of the presenters! I love the mashupevents stuff, they have a delightful energy and spontaneity which many other events just seem to lack. It could be the combination of the two founders Simon Grice and Tony Fish, two more different personalities it would be difficult to find in the London digital world.

Apparently the panel will be discussing where the value is in location, is it where you are now, where you have been or where you are going? I say apparently because I haven’t got a clue where the discussion will go.

If you are attending the event you will be able to pose questions to the panel by tweeting with the hashtag #BDE or you can tweet me beforehand or mail me through the contact link on this blog. If you are there do come and find me.

If you haven’t registered and want to come along the mashupevents team will take your money on the door.