Mapping Israel from biblical times to the present day

I first presented this talk in 2018 and I’ve since been invited to talk on the subject a few times. Each time the presentation evolves as people ask great questions which encourage me to find new material or friends send me interesting new sources.

I did a zoom presentation to a group at my Synagogue last weekend which was recorded. There were a few glitches with the technology (including the red line that someone accidentally drew on the screen part way through!) and I lost my connection a couple of times. I’ve edited as best as I can but the first few sentences are missing.

I’ve tried to contrast the different focuses of Christian and Jewish map makers when mapping the Holy Land and how their maps evolved over time. There are a heck of a lot of maps, some are exquisite, some are historic and one or two may be being shared for the first time.

It’s difficult to talk about Israel in almost any context (yes, even cartography) without it becoming contentious, even more so as a politically liberal Jew. I’ve tried my best to avoid that and to stick to the maps, I hope you enjoy them.